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Nose piercing is one of the old Indian traditions which adds to the woman's beauty. Now it is a global phenomena, you see many Indain and International Divas adorning their nose with beautiful and eye catching nose rings or studs. Earlier the nose piercing was done due to the cultural beliefs and traditions, now it has cosmetic enhancement value, or you may say it is a fashion statement. And ear piercing is done world wide and even boys and men are seen to adorn ear pieces.

The nose and ear ornaments could be made in silver or gold, studs of precious or semi precious stones or even diamonds are in demand. If you were the one to match your dress each time you can choose the imitation pieces which are easy on the pocket.

Traditionally the jewellers did the piercing using either gold or silver wires, but now it is being done by beauty salons, jewellers and doctors clinic. The gold or silver wires are still used but also available are the more sophisticated and hygenic piercing guns. Thses are loaded with sterilized gold or silver studs. This is also less painful than the traditional method.


It is better to be well informen and knowledgeable than to regert later, after all it is your body. Ask questions, do not hesitate.

  • Choose the right place.
  • Check the credentils of the person doing the procedure.
  • Ask about the sterlization methods. Observe the hygiene and cleanliness of the place. Even the gold or silver wires are sterilized by dipping in an anti-sptic solution. The gun is cleaned and sterilized after each use.
  • Do ask if anaesthesia being used. I do not recommend anaesthesia as it is just a prick that you get and it is tolerable, rather with anaesthesia you get two pricks. The gun method is considerably less painful. If you are the one who has a very low threshold for pain, you can use a local anaesthetic jelly 2 hours prior to the procedure.
  • You should not have any existing bacterial, viral or fungal infections.
  • You should not have tendency to scar or kelod formation. If you have had a scar following an injury, injection then do not go for nose piercing. If you are still determined to go ahead ith peircing, inform the doctor, he or she can assess you and use additional precautions to avoid scar formation


Complications are rare if you have chosen the right clinic with good hygiene and sterlization methods. Is better to be aware of the complications possible.

Infections are the commonest following nose piercing if you have not followed the aseptic conditions before, during and after the procdure. Follow the advice of your doctor about after care. Clean the area with an anti-septic solution.

It is very rare that a small nodule develops at the site of piercing. This is just the skin's response to the trauma caused. The granuloma or cyst is benign, causing no harm and thus left untreated. If causing problem, then has to be removed.

Certain individuals have a tendency to scar or keloid formation, and these person should avoid this procedure, inform your doctor about this. if you have developed the scar for the first time, then immdiately report to the dermatologist ho shall help you in minimizing the scar.

Last but not the least, you may develop an allergy also known as contact dermatitis to any of the metals used in the ornament. You can be allergic to gold, silver or nickel and the artificial jewellery. It appears in the form of itching and oozing and may get secondarily infected. If you develop an allergy, consult your dermatologist, get it treated and totally avoid the offending metal.